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Kun Nhai (2016)

application design for Thai bus riders

Kun Nhai [คันไหน] is to make public bus transportation in Bangkok, Thailand, easier for first-time and regular riders. The issues with buses nowadays are the endless wait time and not knowing how to start using the bus. With Kun Nhai, it becomes very easy to start. Riders simply type in the destination, and Kun Nhai will offer the best and closest route options. Hypothetically, all buses are equipped with GPS. Kun Nhai lets the riders know how much time until the next bus arrive. Further more, riders can rest assure that they will not miss their destination, as Kun Nhai will notify them when they reach it. For regular riders, they can simply check the ETA of their buses at selected stops by saving them in a list.

Kun Nhai means ‘Which Bus’ in Thai. The name was derived from the question Bangkokian usually ask when they need to catch a bus: “ต้องขึ้นคันไหน” [Which bus to catch?]

Research, Process and Creatives PDF

About Thai buses

The bus system (TH: Rot-Mae) in Bangkok is very complicated. There are over 400 lines, with hard-to-access resources. It is a system that requires people to learn from word-of-mouth. Due to traffic, buses are unreliable. There are no signs on the bus, resulting in first-time riders missing their destination. Buses are important because they are cheap and reach almost everywhere in Bangkok.

Target Audience and Personas

The app focuses on the Bangkokian students and adults, who are both first-time and regular riders. For further research and personas, please look at this PDF, also posted above.

main features

Riders can input their destination from A to B, like that in Map, and not get overwhelmed by irrelevant information of bus system in Bangkok. On Directions page, there are quick access to favorite places i.e. home, work, saved locations. For route suggestion, the app estimates the time taken for the bus to arrive, calculates travel time based on traffic, and notifies riders when the bus arrive and/or when to get off the bus. In the Lines tab, riders can quickly check the arrival time of the bus; the app automatically pins the most-used and recent bus line to the top in addition to the favorites.

on boarding

promotional video

This project will eventually be translated to Thai to better serve the purpose of the app.

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