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Pop the Bubble encourages MICA students to get out of the MICA bubble and explore Baltimore. The project starts with interviewing MICA students and alumni for recommended places within Baltimore. The branded final products consist of a website with interactive map, postcards, and a printed map.

about the brand

What is the MICA Bubble?
"Wake up, eat, work, sleep"
These are MICA students' repetitive daily routine, forming the invisible bubble surrounding campus.
But once in a while, we need a break from our daily routine. We want to get out of the bubble.
The question is: where to?

Pop the Bubble's mission is to promote and offer resources for current MICA students to get out of the bubble and explore Baltimore.

website and interactive map

Places were suggested by MICA students, to MICA students. With interactive map, MICA bodies can easily and visually access the places of interest.
The website includes an interactive map, archives, safety tips, campaign's overview, and the ability to save and suggest places.

postcards and map

Postcards are distributed through out campus buildings' front desks and MICA store. They are also given out as a welcome package at the students' orientation.
On one side of the postcard is the image hidden behind graphic elements - the element of hide and seek, encouraging students to explore those places. The other side is a small description acting as a clue.

The orientation welcome package with postcards and the folded map.


The project starts with interviewing MICA students and alums for suggestions for cool hang-out places around Baltimore. The target audience is MICA students, and therefore the suggestions come from MICA bodies and related locals.
The suggestions were put into categories: nature, museums, and points of interest.

icons and colors

Chosen colors are associated with Baltimore: green for nature, orange for museums, purple for points of interest. Icons are hand-drawn, contributing to the fun and exciting vibe of the campaign.

preliminary sketches and wireframes

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