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June 2016 marked my third summer in USA.

Taking a step into the real world as a visual design intern, The Charles NYC surprised me with its space and diversity.

My biggest take-aways from The Charles were the ability to pull inspiration from variety of online resources, and to work in a cross-functional team to develop awesome websites. I would have missed these amazing resources and opportunities if I did not intern at The Charles.

Being on a mixture of projects kept my creative juice flowing. I started off with internal promotion, then video productions, then went on the roller coaster of assisting designers with website designs. Team members always gave me insights about the career life while giving me creative feedback on the designs. By the end of July, starting my last month of internship, I got lucky – big appreciation to my best creative mentor - and took a responsibility on client-related website projects. As a result, I was a lead website designer, under my mentor's feedback, in a new restaurant project.

The Charles showed me that the environment is a crucial key to designers’ creativity. I also realized my passion towards designing for responsive websites. The Charles opened my perspective in what is possible and what could be. It was a priceless opportunity to intern here.

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